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The Academy

Coaches Phillip and Peter Dang started Wushu training in 1994 at the Portland Kung Fu Club under Sifu Steve Dailey. Known internationally as elite-level competitors, coaches Phillip and Peter have medaled in numerous events and divisions in local and prestigious international Wushu tournaments over the years. As members of the US National Wushu Team since 2003, they are part of a selective group of highly accomplished athletes. They are both dedicated to teaching contemporary Wushu with the finest attention to detail possible. Both coaches are also involved in promoting the sport of competitive Wushu and participate as judges in many annual national Wushu competitions.


Phillip Dang, Head Instructor
Sifu Phillip Dang has been on the USA Wushu Team for numerous years and has competed at the World Wushu Championships in 2005 & 2011. He has had numerous national & international awards and honors during his competition era. He first began teaching wushu in 2002 while he was a student at University of Oregon Wushu Club and dominated the Collegiate Wushu Championship circuit during his collegiate career. Sifu Phillip’s participation in the competitive Wushu circuit has been a major influence on the current generation of wushu athletes today.
• 2002, 2003, 2004 & 2006 Collegiate Men’s All-Around Champion
• 2002-2006 University of Oregon Wushu Team Head coach
• 2003-2005 USA Wushu C-Team Member
• 2005-2007 USA Wushu A-Team Member
• 2007-Present USA Wushu B-Team Member
• 2009 CMAT All-Around Champion
• 2010 CMAT All-Around Champion
• 2012 TAFISA Ordos, Mongolia – (bronze medal in Jianshu)
• 2011 World Wushu Championships – Ankara, Turkey (12th in Jianshu)
• 2010 Pan-Am Wushu Championships – Buenos Aires, Argentina (silver medal in Jianshu)
• 2008 World TREX Games – Busan, Korea
• 2005 World Wushu Championships – Hanoi, Vietnam
• 2004 Traditional World Wushu Championships – China (2 gold medals)
Specializing in: Changquan, Chaquan, Straightsword, Spear, Broadsword, Staff, Double Sword, Sparring, Self-Defense

Instructor - Phil Dang

Peter Dang, Head Instructor
Sifu Peter Dang has also been on the USA Wushu Team since 2005, competing at the World Wushu Championships in 2007, 2009 and 2013. He is widely recognized as one of the best Broadsword and Staff competitors in the USA. Known for his explosiveness and power, he has dominated in the national & international Wushu circuit. Sifu Peter teaches weekly at the Portland Arts and Culture Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Chinese culture and language.
• 2005-2007 USA Wushu B-Team Member
• 2007-2009 USA Wushu A-Team Member
• 2009-2011 USA Wushu A-Team Member
• 2009-Present Head Wushu Coach for Portland Arts Culture Center
• 2013 World Wushu Championships – Kuala Lampur, Malaysia (Changquan, Gunshu, Daoshu)
• 2013 Combat Games – St. Petersburg (5th overall placing in Gunshu/Changquan combined)
• 2012 TAFISA Ordos, Mongolia – (bronze medal Gunshu, bronze medal in Changquan)
• 2010 Combat Games – Beijing, China (3rd in Staff)
• 2009 World Wushu Championships – Toronto, Canada (Top 10 in Broadsword and Staff)
• 2008 TreX Games – Busan, Korea
• 2007 World Wushu Championships – Beijing, China
• 2006 PanAmerican Wushu Championships – Toronto, Canada
Specializing in: Longfist, Drunken, PuDao, Broadsword, Staff, Double Broadsword, Chain Whip, 3-sectional Staff, Sparring, Self-Defense

Instructor - Peter Dang







Travis Dang, Assistant Instructor
Coach Travis specializes in empty hand routines including Eagle Claw, Chaquan, and Longfist. He was selected to the USA National Wushu Traditional Team in 2014 for his excellent Chaquan routine. Coach Travis coaches along with Sifu Peter Dang at the Portland Arts Cultural Center on Saturdays.




Amy Wong, Assistant Instructor
Coach Amy teaches the Little Falcons Summit Wushu Academy students in Beaverton. She specializes in Spear and Straight sword.




Preston Dang, Assistant Instructor
Coach Preston excels in pu-dao and staff. He is currently a student at University of Washington and coaches their college wushu team.



Demonstration Team Members
Priscilla Dang — Ermei Daggers.
Patricia Dang — Changquan.
Travis Dang — Eagle claw.
Byron Chang — Chain whip.

What is Wushu?

Wushu means martial arts in Chinese (武 “Wu” = military, 术 “Shu” = art) and encompasses all forms of traditional Chinese martial arts. It was created in 1949 as a way to standardize the practice of Chinese martial arts and essentially make Chinese martial arts a sport. Wushu was often mislabeled as “Kung Fu” when it was introduced in the United States, which actually translates to “skill achieved through hardwork”.

Wushu has two disciplines: Taolu (套路, forms) and Sanda(散打,sparring).

Taolu involves wushu techniques that combines strikes, stances, jumps, sweeps, balances, and weaponry into a comprehensive routine performed by the practitioner.

Sanda involves fighting methods influenced by traditional Chinese boxing and includes striking, grappling, throwing, and sweeping.